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China Testing Machine Market Situation

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Jan 11, 2016

By the China Instrument Industry Association branch and instrument testing machine Information Network co-sponsored the "Third China Testing Machine Technology Forum" was successfully held in China International Exhibition Center. The forum began in 2012, it aims to analyze and summarize current development of China testing machine industry and bottlenecks encountered, to jointly explore the development of a way out, effectively promote the development of China testing machine industry.

The forum mainly invited to the China Instrument Industry Association Branch Secretary Li Chunming test instrument, make it to market size, technological advances our test machine industry were estimated and inventory, while the tester national standard GB / T 228.1 exist in the employment controversial issue put forward their own ideas and suggestions.

Market estimation: domestic market size of 12 billion domestic and imported ratio close to 1: 1

Li Chunming to the 2012 data, a rough estimate of the testing machine market capacity 113-125 million yuan, the proportion of domestic and imported share of the market is close to 1: 1, "each half."

According to the National Bureau of Statistics and the China Instrument Industry Association released data show that in 2013 in our test machine industry above designated size (annual turnover of 20 million yuan) in 95 enterprises, the main business income of nearly 9.7 billion yuan, of which exports to pay The value of only 800 million yuan. In this regard, Li Chunming particularly pointed out: "This is where there are nearly 20 enterprises above designated size of the test machine is not statistical data come in, such as think freely, Dandong Austrian, steel and other research ng."

According to customs data showed import quota in 2013 of the testing machine industry amounted to as much as $ 1 billion, "where the share of imports accounted for 45-50% of the test station's total imports, which shows that our various performance test stand mainly rely on imports, Taiwan domestic products can not meet the test needs of users. "Jackie Lee added.

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