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Three Zones Temperature Shock Tester

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Sep 08, 2016
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: ET5200S3

  • Display: Digital

  • Weight: 500-1000Kg

  • Test Area Valume: 200L

  • H.T. Chamber Temp. Range: +50/+200 Dge C

  • L.T. Chamber Temp. Range: -75/+70 Dge C

  • Temp. Uniformity: +/-0.5~2.0 Dge C

  • Exterior Dimension(W*D*H): 1100*2450*2170mm

  • Trademark: OEM

  • Origin:  Qingdao,China

  • Type: Temperature Testing

  • Control: Computer Control

  • Power Source: AC380V

  • Test Zone: 3

  • R.T. Chamber Temp. Range: R.T.

  • Temp. Fluctuation: +/-0.3~1.0 Dge C

  • Test Area Dimension(W*D*H): 650*585*450mm

  • Cooling Methods: Water-Cooled

  • Specification: ISO9001 & ISO14001

  • HS Code: 90321000

Product Description
Three Zones Temperature Shock Test Equipment (ET5200S3)
1. Product Induction
The High and Low Temperature (3-Zone) Thermal Shock Test Chamber consists of high temperature zone (preheat zone), low temperature zone (precool zone) and test zone (room temperature zone) with independent air flow switches which can lead the air inside the low or high or room temperature zone to the test zone, which makes the testing samples rapidly undergoing three zones' temperature by turn. The samples are immobile during the whole test.

This kind of test chambers is designed to test the reliabilities to rapid-rate temperature change of a complete product, machine components and parts and materials. It can test the samples' chemical changes or physical damages aroused by thermal expansion in the shortest time, and also know of the effects on the samples under one or several times of tests with rapid-rate temperature change.

The parameters that affect the temperature change tests are temperature change range, low temperature value, the low temperature holding time and the circling loops, etc. High and low temperature thermal shock test chambers are essential equipments for metal, plastic, rubber and electronic industries.

2. Product Specification
Model                                                                         ET4200S3
Test Area Volume (L)                                                    200
H.T. Chamber Temp. Range (ºC)                            +50/+200
R.T. Chamber Temp. Range (ºC)                                R.T.
L.T. Chamber Temp. Range (ºC)                             -75/+70
Temp. Fluctuation (ºC)                                           ±0.3 -±1.0
Temp. Uniformity (ºC)                                            ±0.5 -±2.0
Recovery time(min)                                    Less than 5min(Air outlet)
Three Zones Type (Two Zone) (ºC)                -55/+150(-55/+150)
Max. Load(KG)                                                              50
Cooling Methods                                                 Water-Cooled

3. Product Feature
-Modular fabrication technique
-Long defrosting cycles: 700H above.
-Visible observation window for real-time monitoring
-Intelligent 32 bit measuring and control system with colorful screen. Interface USB and Ethernet
-Programmable power outlet with 4-CH. ON/OFF output control, to ensure safety.
-Independent thermal protector and sensors keep test specimen off over temperature, breezeless and smog.
-Network video monitoring is synchronized with test data.
-APP mobility management.
-Environmental servo refrigerant flow control for energy saving and quick heat-up/cool-down rate
-Uniquely operation mode makes testing zone's temperature back to R.T after test, which protects sample status.
-Automatic reminder of maintenance time of equipments and software of fault records.
-Optional remote service function and video CD of equipment operation.

4. Our Cooperation Partners

5. Packing

6. After-services

If you suffer any problems when equipment running, please contact and send us any helpful information such as picture or video as soon as possible, and then our engineering team will provide the solution within 3 working days.
Generally, according to your problems, we will offer you the solution by a video or Internet Remote Assistance.

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