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Vibration grinding machine is an electric grinding tool

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Jan 11, 2016

Vibration grinding machine is an electric grinding tool grinder from the base, selling basic element fabric polishing, polishing cover and cover and other components. Motor fixed on the base, sleeve fixed abrasive disk use, connected by screws and motors. Through the ferrule is fixed to the grinding plate, motor starter via a switch on the base, on a rotating polishing disk polishing.

Vibration grinding machine general principle is the use of vibration flipped to polishing and grinding, we have seen the kind of grinding equipment, but very numerous, too many style; not only grinding equipment, grinding the workpiece is a wide range of everything, like sand paper a tool grinding, abrasive paper, etc. These discs are also grinding and polishing of workpieces of different devices has its own characteristics and scope of work, although each tool has can be polishing, but in different places will be different defects, this time we should be selected according to the machining of a workpiece grinding tool. So was born the application of vibrations.

Grinding and polishing process can be added to the polishing liquid, fixed to the base of the drain pipe placed in plastic trays inflow side dish next to the polishing machine. Polishing cover can effectively prevent dust and other debris affect polishing results when the machine is not used to fall on the polished workpiece.

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