Magnesia Cupels

Magnesia Cupels

Magnesia Cupel :1. Made of magnesia.2. Used for smelting and assaying. 3. High thermal shock resistance.During cupellation, the lead is oxidized to litharge (PbO), most of which is absorbed by the cup

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    Magnesia Cupel :

    1. Made of magnesia.

    2. Used for smelting and assaying. 

    3. High thermal shock resistance.

    During cupellation, the lead is oxidized to litharge (PbO), most of which is absorbed by the cupel. Gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals form a bead in the cupel.

    The bead is subsequently treated to determine its precious metal content. Cupels are typically made from magnesia MgO ( sometimes mistakenly referred to as magnesite), bone ash, Portland cement and other materials.

    Typical cupellation furnace temperatures in gold and silver assays are 900-1000°C, but can vary with technique, air flow volume and cupel material.

    Cupellation is the last and most important step of the fire assaying process and as such, the quality of the cupels is extremely important.

    Available sizes are: 6A, 7A, 7AS, 7AL, 8A and 9.

    Customized sizes and services are also available.




    >> 1.Are you a factory or a trading company?    
    1.We are a factory focused on rigging hardware over 8 years.    
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    >> 2.How do you control your quality?
    1.Production process standardization, process standardization, refinement.    
    2.100% Finished Product Testing.    
    3.The third party product inspections are acceptable.    
    4.ISO Quality Management System Certificated Factory ,Can according to customer's requirement customize.  
    5.Inspection before loading    

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