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Clay Crucibles Is How To Produce Molding?

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

Clay crucibles is mainly used for solution evaporation, condensation or crystallization, burning solid material. Then it is how to shape it, the following small for everyone to explain:

First, the ingredients

Depending on the nature of the clay, the nature of the graphite and the purpose of the crucible, the contents of the ingredients vary within the following ranges: 30% to 10% clay, 35% to 50% graphite and 10% to 30% clinker or silica. Manufacturing steel crucible, mud containing graphite as much as 40% to 50%. If the amount of graphite is too much, it will increase the carbon steel; reduce the graphite content, it will reduce the crucible wall heat transfer, thereby extending the smelting time.

Second, mixing

Scaly graphite with a sliding type, it is difficult to mix with other particles. Carefully dry mixing is followed by wet mixing. According to the different molding methods, the amount of water is different, plastic material of the water content of 17% to 18%; semi-dry body of 9% to 10%. Plastic billet vacuum to be used to deal with the mud, it can reduce the product of the cross-section cracks and the blank more compact. The total mixing time of plastic billets is about 30 ~ 40min, semi-dry billets about 40 ~ 60min. Mixed billets trapped in the trapped room 15 to 20 days, after the bilge trapped by the squeeze into you squeeze the segment, sent to shape. Semi-dry forming billets need to be mixed by the second before use.

The above is part of the production method of clay crucibles production, and if you know the rest of the knowledge, please look forward to our website updates!

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