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Compatible Spare Toner Parts Tk322 for Fs-3900d

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Aug 26, 2016
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: TK322

  • Feature: Compatible

  • QC Testing: 100%Test Before Ex-Factory

  • Forwarder: Our Regular Forwarder or Yours

  • Origin: China

  • For Printer Brand: Kyocera

  • Quality: Grade a & Customized Standard

  • Defective: <1%

  • Discount: Support Discount Based on Order Qty

Product Description
1. Toner Cartridge Kyocera Model: TK322

2. Suitable for Kyocera FS-3900D, FS-3900DTN, FS-4000DN, FS-4000DTN

3. Toner weight: 600g

4. Color: Black

5. Original package

1)Our Main competitive advantage

1. Adopting high precision mold, ensure the operation precision cartridge well work.

2. Supplied with highest grade toner powder filled to obtain printing delicate/clear effect and stability, comparable to the original.

3. Strong compatible high quality development component printing documents and pictures is more clear and sharp.

4. Come with a 100% warranty against defective parts and damage.

5. Toner weight for full enough filled for a original genuine offer.

6. Cartridge bottle exquisite glossiness, original package on cartridge and package carton.

7. Competitive price and fast lead delivery time.

8. OEM/ODM service available offer

2)Five steps of inspection;
1. Incoming raw materials inspection
2. Semifinished products inspection
3. Finished products inspection
4. Cleanliness inspection
5. Safety inspection

3) Reasons to Choose US:
1. Specialized manufacturer for many years
2. Mature and professional sales team.
3. High quality raw materials.
4. Stable quality and performance.
5. Reasonable price.
6. Original/customized or neutral package provide
7. Fast delivery.
8. Great after-sales warranty.

4)Below for our more relative toner model lists offer:
Model NO Applies Machine Toner Weight Package
TK-17 FS1010/1000printer   Black-280gram original
TK-18 FS1020Dprinter Black-280gram original
TK-50 FS-1900,FS-1900D,FS-1900DN,FS-1900N Black-600gram original
TK-55 FS1920series printer Black-600gram original
TK-60 FS1800/3800series printer Black-800gram original
TK-65 FS1800/3800series printer Black-800gram original
TK-100 KM-1500 Printers Black-290gram original
TK-110 FS720, FS820, FS920, FS1016MFP, FS118MFP Black-300gram original
TK-120 FS-1030D, FS-1030DN, FS-1030DT, FS-1030DTN Black-300gram original
TK-122 FS-1030D, FS-1030DN,FS-1030DT, FS-1030DTN Black-300gram original
TK-130 FS-1300D,FS-1300DN,FS-1028MFP,
Black-280gram original
TK-134 FS1300D, FS1300DN  Black-280gram original
TK-137 KM2810, KM2820 Black-280gram original
TK-144 FS1100, FS1100N, FS1100TN/KL3 Black-180gram original
TK-144 FS1100, FS1100N, FS1100TN/KL3 Black-180gram original
TK-170 FS-1320D, FS-1320D/KL3, FS-1320DN,
 FS-1320DN/KL3, FS-1370DN, FS-1370DN/KL3
Black-280gram original
TK310 FS2000DNprinter Black-500gram original
TK312 FS4000DNprinter Black-500gram original
TK-320 FS-3900D, FS-3900DTN, FS-4000DN, FS-4000DTN Black-600gram original
TK-322 FS-3900D, FS-3900DTN, FS-4000DN, FS-4000DTN Black-600gram original
TK-330 FS3900DN, FS4000DN Black-800gram original
TK-332 FS-4000DN, FS-4000DTN Black-800gram original
TK340 FS-2020DN Black-450gram original
TK-350 FS-3040MFP,FS-3140MFP,FS-3540MFP,
Black-500gram original
TK-360 FS-4020DN Black-650gram original
TK-410 KM-1620, KM-1650, KM-2020,
KM-2050, KM-1635, KM-2035
Black-870gram original
TK-411  KM-1620, KM-1650, KM-2050 Black-870gram original
TK-420 Kyocera Mita KM-2550 Black-870gram original
TK-435 TASKalfa 180,181,220,221 Black-870gram original
TK-439 TASKalfa 180,181,220,221 Black-870gram original
TK-475 FS-6025MFP, FS-6030MFP Black-500gram original
TK-479 FS-6025MFP, FS-6030MFP Black-500gram original
TK-675 KM-2540,KM-3040,KM-2560,KM-3060 Copier Black-1050gram original
TK-677 KM-2540,KM-3040,KM-2560,KM-3060 Copier Black-1050gram original
TK-679 KM-2540,KM-3040,KM-2560,KM-3060 Copier Black-1050gram original
TK-685  TASKalfa 300i Printer Black-1050gram original
TK-70 FS9100DN,FS9120DN,FS9500DN,FS9520DN Black-1690gram original
TK-710 FS-9130DN, FS-9530DN Black-1700gram original
TK-715 Kyocera KM3050,KM4050,KM5050 Copier Black-1700gram original
TK-3031 KM2530,KM3530,KM4035,KM4030,KM2531,
KM3531,KM4031,KM3035,KM5035 Copier
Black-1900gram original
TK-1100 FS-1100, FS-1024MFP, FS-1124MFP Black-120gram original
TK-1130 Kyocera FS 1130MFP , Kyocera FS 1030MFP Series  Black-280gram original
TK-1140 FS-1035MFP/DP, FS-1135MFP Black-280gram original
TK6305  FS-3500i/4500i/5500i Black-950gram original
TK-3100/3102/3103 FS-2100DN/2100D Black-475gram original
TK-3110/3112/3113 FS-4100DN Black-600gram original
TK-3120/3122/3123 FS-4200DN Black-800gram original
TK-3130/3132/3133 FS-4300DN Black-800gram original

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