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Crucibles And How To Use It

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: May 09, 2017

A Crucibles is a vessel or a melting tank made of very refractory material (eg clay, graphite, porcelain or harder metal). Mainly used for the evaporation of the solution, concentration or crystallization, burning solid matter.

Crucible and its use:

When a solid is to be heated by a fire, the Crucibles must be used. When the crucible is used, the crucible cover is usually slanted on the crucible to prevent the heat from coming out and allowing the air to enter freely to allow possible oxidation reactions. Crucible because of its bottom is very small, generally need to rack in the mud on the triangle to direct fire to heat. Crucible in the iron tripod can be placed with a ramp or can be, depending on the needs of the experiment can be placed on their own. After the crucible can not be heated immediately placed on the cold metal desktop, in order to avoid it due to rapid cooling and rupture. And can not be immediately placed on the wooden desktop, in order to avoid burning the desktop or cause a fire. The correct practice for the stay in the iron tripod on the natural cooling, or on the asbestos net to make it slowly cooling. Use crucible for Crucibles.

Crucibles The main purpose:

(1) evaporation, concentration or crystallization of the solution

(2) burning solid matter

Precautions for use:

(1) can be directly heated, can not be quenched after heating, with a crucible clamp to remove

(2) When the crucible is heated, it is placed on the iron tripod

(3) when stirring to stir; close to dry when used waste heat and dry

Crucibles can be divided into graphite crucible, clay crucible and metal crucible three categories.

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