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Effect Of Carbon Sulfur Crucible On Polycrystalline Silicon Ingot

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: May 09, 2017

Polycrystalline silicon ingots generally use corundum Carbon Sulfur Crucible, the main components of Al2O3, SiO2, CaO and so on. In the polysilicon ingot production process, the crucible is mainly used to hold and load a variety of silicon raw materials, including the original polysilicon, carbon head material, head and tail material, edge leather materials. In the actual production of polycrystalline silicon ingot, the crucible due to the molten state of the silicon material will be with the wetting crucible, after prolonged contact, the silicon material will be between the crucible will produce adhesion, it Carbon Sulfur Crucible will have some impact on the polysilicon ingot, the main as follows:

(1) Polycrystalline silicon ingots in the cooling process is likely to cause polysilicon ingots or crucible cracking, the polysilicon ingot significantly reduced the yield, while causing great waste of resources;

(2) at high temperatures, the molten state of the silicon easily react with the crucible as follows:

Si + SiO2 → SiO

So that the oxygen content in the polysilicon ingot increases, and the impurities in the Carbon Sulfur Crucible are easily introduced into the molten silicon, so that the content of impurities in the polysilicon increases;

(3) due to the process of heating molten silicon, Carbon Sulfur Crucible melting silicon slowly corrosion, prone to leakage of silicon, and even cause a major security incidents.

In order to avoid contamination and adhesion of the silicon material during the process of polysilicon ingot corrosion, Si3N4 Carbon Sulfur Crucible is usually used as a coating on the inner wall of the crucible in actual production to protect and isolate the molten silicon and the inner wall of the crucible The

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