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Fire Assay

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Jan 11, 2016

A brief history of the ancient existing fire assay. Around AD 60, the Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder that is used such methods to identify gold: "plus a gold in a clay pot, two salts, three yellow alum, then two and a salt slate powder mixture to cover the surface, and then placed on charcoal melting, which can determine whether real gold. "this law is changed after the silver chloride, silver penetrate slate, and then fire identification gold. Chinese alchemist Wei Boyang in the Eastern Han Dynasty, "Kinship," a book written "into gold in the raging fire, color is not won nothing left," and also to identify true gold fire assay using a pseudo-gold (alloy or copper compounds, mostly). Ming Dynasty Gu Yingtai in the "Museum Highlights," a book also remember the "Where doubt gold was not true, those who want to see the original quality, with food (possibly vinegar) Wong painted gold tone hill, into the blazing charcoal Meng Duan, if false false, ie it is black. "Also said that the fire assay. Described herein pseudo gold after calcination charcoal, black copper oxide layer formed on the surface, and gold colors will remain unchanged.

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