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Gold And Silver Fire Assay Method

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Jan 11, 2016

Fire assay method (The fire assay method) is the metallurgical principles and technology to the analysis of the chemical analysis of a classic, it is one of the oldest methods of chemical analysis.

Fire Assay method with a plus flux ore and metallurgical products way in which the precious metal smelting to quantify levels. The method has good representative sampling, methods wide applicability, good enrichment effect, etc., it is an important means of chemical analysis of gold and silver and precious metals.

First, the fire assay features (Features of The Fire Assay Method)

Fire assay gold is not only a means of enrichment of ancient gold and silver, but also an important means of gold and silver analysis. Domestic and foreign geological, mining, gold and silver smelter will it as the most reliable analytical method is widely used in production. Some countries have this method as a standard method of gold concentrate, the determination of copper concentrate and gold jewelry, gold crude gold, but also as a national standard methods. With the development of science and technology, analysis of gold and silver of the new technology, more and more and more and more advanced analytical instruments, fire assay compared with other methods, its operating procedures longer and requires a certain skill, there are many analysts worker attempting to use other methods to replace fire assay. However, the fire assay is irreplaceable raw material for the determination of high content of gold in gold or gold components, their precision and accuracy as other direct assays are less, the analysis of the gold and silver content of the arbitration, the fire Assaying analysis can give parties to the dispute so convincing results. This is because the fire assay method has unique advantages in many other analytical methods are not available:

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