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Graphite Crucibles Pre-installation Preparation

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: May 09, 2017

One, handling

Graphite Crucibles the crucible must use a special handling tool, not on the ground directly rolling crucible. In the handling should avoid collision, so as not to damage the glaze layer, thus affecting the crucible service life.

Second, storage

The Graphite Crucibles must be kept in a dry, ventilated place, preferably on a wooden tray. To avoid the crucible directly on the brick, soil or cement on the ground, the crucible damp will lead to damage to the glaze layer to reduce the crucible melting efficiency and service life, the situation will even appear when the bottom off.

Third, the use of product specifications

1. Preparation before installation:

1.1 Check the crucible furnace wall and bottom is intact.

1.2 Check whether there is residual slag furnace, if there will be timely to clear.

2. Select the correct crucible base

2.1 Crucible base should be the same with the shape of the bottom of the crucible and slightly larger (about 2cm).

2.2 For different types of crucible furnace, should use the appropriate height of the crucible base.

2.3 to avoid the use of waste crucible base, otherwise it will greatly shorten the crucible life.

3. Crucible installation and fixation:

3.1 installation of gas or fuel crucible: the first crucible placed on the base, in the crucible and the top of the furnace Graphite Crucibles wall between the reserved a certain expansion of the crucible space, the use of wood, cardboard and other materials to be fixed. Adjust the position of the burner and nozzle so that the flame is aligned with the combustion chamber and not directly against the bottom of the crucible.

3.2 Installation of crucible for rotary furnace: The crucible should be fixed on both sides of the crucible nozzle using support brackets to avoid tightening the crucible. At the same time in the support between the brick and crucible into the 3-4mm cardboard and other materials, as the crucible pre-expansion space.

3.3 Install the crucible for the furnace: The crucible should be placed in the center of the resistance furnace, the bottom of the crucible should be higher than the bottom row of heating elements. While the top of the crucible and the furnace between the use of insulation cotton for sealing.

3.4 Install the crucible for the induction furnace: Ensure that the crucible is placed in the center of the induction coil to prevent localized overheating and cracking of the crucible.

4. Crucible preheating:

The use of the correct way to preheat the Graphite Crucibles can greatly extend the service life of the crucible.

4.1 According to the different types of crucible furnace, when the crucible is used for the first time, the crucible is preheated to about 200 ° C for 30 minutes without feeding and dried for 60 minutes. The purpose of the crucible surface Graphite Crucibles inhalation of water evaporation out. To prevent the initial use of burst.

4.2 After preheating, the crucible should be heated to 900 ℃ -1000 ℃ (2 hours or so), and insulation for 20-30 minutes, and then rose to or down to the working temperature. The aim is to quickly pass through the graphite crucible for easy oxidation of the temperature zone.

4.3 Crucible After the first warm-up, usually do not need to warm up, unless the crucible again damp. (Preheat crucible after each shutdown.)

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