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Graphite Crucibles Production Of Raw Materials For The Three Types

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: May 17, 2017

Graphite Crucibles production of raw materials, can be summarized as three types. One is crystalline natural graphite, the second is the plastic fire-resistant clay, the third is through the calcined hard kaolin skeleton clinker. In recent years, began to use high-temperature synthetic materials, such as: silicon carbide, alumina emery and ferrosilicon and other Graphite Crucibles skeleton clinker. This clinker has a significant effect on improving Graphite Crucibles product quality, enhancing Graphite Crucibles density and mechanical strength.

The main characteristics of graphite Graphite Crucibles

(1) high thermal conductivity: the use of high thermal conductivity of graphite and other raw materials, shorten the melting time;

(2) thermal shock resistance: strong thermal shock resistance, for acute cold, easy to rupture;

(3) high heat resistance: high refractoriness, can withstand 1200 ~ 1600 ℃ high temperature; temperature varies according to the use of different.

(4) anti-erosion: against the anti-melting soup strong;

(5) anti-mechanical impact: a certain degree of resistance to mechanical impact of the strength (when the investment of molten iron);

(6) oxidation resistance: graphite oxidation gas mist in the high temperature is easy to oxidation, due to the prevention of oxidation, oxidation less consumption;

(7) anti-adhesion: because the graphite is not easy to melt with the characteristics of melting soup, melting soup infiltration and less adhesion;

(9) resistance to slagging agent (slag agent) effects: a good resistance to slagging agent (slag cleaning agent), there are very good resistance to slagging agent (slag cleaning agent) Affect performance.

Graphite Crucibles specifications (size), usually expressed in the order number size, No. 1 Graphite Crucibles has a capacity to melt 1000g brass, the weight of 180g. Graphite Crucibles melting in the melting of different metals or alloys when the amount of melting, Graphite Crucibles can be the capacity of the specification number, multiplied by the corresponding metal and alloy coefficient.

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