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High Purity Graphite Crucibles Attention To What The Problem

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Jun 05, 2017

In the metallurgical industry, high-purity graphite crucibles has a very wide range of uses, its main role is to put a variety of liquid metal, as metallurgical manufacturers will use graphite crucibles, or later use and production will be some problems, then We will introduce the high-purity graphite crucibles attention to what the problem, hope that through the introduction of Xiaobian you are still confused among you help.

1, high-purity graphite crucibles is more susceptible to moisture, after the moisture of the product will become soft, will encounter some impact of the material hit will produce deformation of the situation, and once the water into the high-purity graphite crucibles inside will affect the inside In full bloom of raw materials, will cause the dilution of raw materials, but also some chemical reactions to further affect its quality problems, so waterproof measures must be done.

2, high-purity graphite crucibles, although the quality is very good, not easy to damage, but also gently, high-altitude drop or bumps on the quality of the graphite crucibles is not large, but for a long time so go There is the phenomenon of cracks, this situation is no way to remedy, can only be replaced.

3, high-purity graphite crucibles Do not heat up the fire. Because its own thermal conductivity is not particularly strong, heating in the above is meaningless, and the use of smoke and fire or let it appear under the charred, very beautiful.

As the high-purity graphite crucibles has good thermal conductivity and high temperature performance, in high temperature use, the thermal expansion coefficient is small, for acute, quenching has a certain anti-strain ability, acid-base solvent corrosion resistance, Good chemical stability. High purity graphite crucibles has a wide range of applications, mainly used in melting all kinds of silver, aluminum, lead, copper, zinc and other nonferrous metals and carbon steel and rare metals. High-purity graphite crucibles quality and long service life, greatly reducing the fuel consumption, reducing the labor intensity, improve the labor intensity, and create a better economic efficiency, manufacturers have a good production management system and improve product quality assurance System, welcomed the new and old customers to visit, business negotiations.

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