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High Quality Crucibles Before Use

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Jun 27, 2017

For Crucibles, this is a kind of material used in metallurgy and many other machinery industries. From the relevant performance aspects, the thermal conductivity is also very strong, in high temperature conditions, is also very stable. Its anti-strain ability is very strong, with so many advantages, then let the Crucibles into the market which is also sold in the use of many industries.

With the economic development and advanced technology, into such industries later, the gradual progress of the economic development of the Crucibles. Because the Crucibles, the development cost is relatively low, and can replace many other energy sources, from this point of view, but also can be used as the key to alternative energy sources.

So in these basic economic development effect, the Crucibles is also played a big role. Grasping such technology development and utilization is also a very important aspect, because this resource is also very rich, but also the key to low cost development.

Manufacturers have advanced crucible manufacturing equipment, production of high quality Crucibles complete specifications, reliable quality, and Crucibles widely used, then, high-quality Crucibles before using the problem to pay attention to it.

1, high-quality Crucibles belongs to the ceramic products, in the crucible wall will exist in the number of pores, easy to absorb moisture, in the beginning of the use of crucible before feeding, the crucible must be preheated to ensure that no moisture residue in the Crucibles, The temperature of the fireside barbecue for more than 24 hours, Crucibles to turn several times to make it even heat, to remove the Crucibles wall moisture, to avoid the thermal expansion of the crucible, delamination or burst.

2, Crucibles after reheating after re-use without the need to reheat, unless the Crucibles again exposed to humid environment.

3, the crucible for preheating, the operator needs to be in the state of non-feeding quickly heated to 850-950 degrees, and insulation to half an hour, and then again down to the normal use of temperature, and then re-feeding. Heating the crucible so that the temperature is higher than the normal operating temperature will effectively extend the crucible service life.

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