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How Is The Quartz Crucibles Tested?

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: May 17, 2017

1. Quartz Crucibles can be used below 1450 degrees, divided into two kinds of transparent and opaque. The translucent Quartz Crucibles made by arc method is the basic material for drawing large diameter monocrystalline silicon and developing large scale integrated circuits. Today, the world's semiconductor industry developed countries have used this crucible to replace the small transparent Quartz Crucibles. He has the advantages of high purity, strong temperature resistance, high precision, high heat preservation, energy saving and stable quality.

2, can not contact with HF, high temperature, easy and caustic alkali and alkali metal carbonate role.

3. The Quartz Crucibles is suitable for melting samples with K2S2O7, KHSO4 as flux and treating the sample with Na2S207 (first dried at 212 degrees) as a flux.

4. Quartz crisp, easy to break, use should pay attention.

5. In addition to HF,

Ordinary dilute mineral acid can be used as a cleaning solution. Domestic commonly used drawn single crystal silicon with Quartz Crucibles 18 inches and 20 inches 22 inches also manufacturers use 22 and above crucible. At present, domestic crucible production of large manufacturers of crucible technology are more mature. Its production using raw quartz sand from the United States imports and Norway high-purity quartz sand two. There are small factories using the domestic production of raw materials, the production of Quartz Crucibles to pull the monocrystalline silicon when its stability have a certain impact.

At present, crucible production coating technology has been used by most manufacturers is in the ordinary quartz sand melting crucible surface coated with a layer of barium dioxide solution to form a dense layer, the dense layer can prevent monocrystalline silicon high temperature drawing process silicon And Quartz Crucibles reaction to improve the rate of crystallization.

Domestic Quartz Crucibles traditional testing, are generally more large-scale use of microscopes and other testing equipment, mainly in the laboratory to detect the Quartz Crucibles. Laboratory testing Quartz crucible made a great contribution to product quality, but laboratory testing because the product is more cumbersome, inconvenient to carry, it is difficult

Quartz Crucibles detection

Quartz Crucibles detection

To the scene for the detection of Quartz Crucibles, and the price is more expensive, so many of the Quartz Crucibles factory did not popularize these laboratory testing equipment. [1] 

For the crucible manufacturers facing these distress, the application of portable digital microscope, much cheaper than the laboratory testing equipment, Quartz Crucibles can be anytime, anywhere detection, but also can take pictures, camera and other Quartz Crucibles test results recorded in real time, very good To make up for the lack of Quartz Crucibles laboratory testing.

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