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How To Judge Graphite Crucibles Specifications

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Jul 18, 2017

Graphite Crucibles model specifications are more, in the application is not subject to production scale, batch size and melting material varieties of restrictions, can be arbitrary choice, strong applicability, and can guarantee the purity of the melting material.

The crucible can be divided into three categories: graphite crucibles, clay crucible and metal crucible.

In graphite crucibles, there are three kinds of graphite crucibles, special graphite crucibles and high purity graphite crucibles. Various types of graphite crucibles, due to the performance, use and use of different conditions, the raw materials used, production methods, technology and product model specifications are also different.

The type of crucible is broadly divided into three categories: the first type of copper crucible, its specifications "number", the second type of copper smelting alloy crucible, the special round has 100 numbers, the circle has 100, the third type of steelmaking crucible, there are 100.

Graphite Crucibles, because of its excellent performance, so in the metallurgical, foundry, mechanical, chemical and other industrial sectors, is widely used in alloy tool steel smelting and non-ferrous metals and alloys melting. and has a good technical and economic effect.

At present, the domestic production of polysilicon electric induction furnace about 10 units, each induction furnace demand large-scale thin-walled high-purity fused silica ceramic crucible (specifications 600x600x400~900x900x500mm, wall thickness 15-20mm) about 150.

Crucible size (size), usually expressed in order number, the 1th crucible has the capacity to melt 1000g brass, its weight is 180g. Crucible in the melting of different metal or alloy melting volume calculation, can be the crucible of the weight of the specification number, multiply the corresponding metal and alloy coefficient.

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