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How To Maintain A Molten Copper Graphite Crucibles

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Sep 21, 2017

In the copper and copper alloy casting smelting, melting copper crucible as a high temperature appliance is very common, due to the larger proportion of copper alloy, the strength is lower than cast aluminum and cast magnesium, with high corrosion resistance and better wear So that it is used for casting high corrosion resistance parts. Molten graphite Graphite Crucibles in the use of a long time, continuous, uninterrupted high temperature, in use is very fragile, so the use of the length of time and the use of the environment, the operating process has a direct relationship in the extension of the use of time on the issue , We need to do is to improve the use of technology, do a good job maintenance work, the following explain how to maintain the molten copper crucible:

1, because the molten copper Graphite Crucibles is a ceramic product, the material there is a certain number of pores, the crucible wall is easy to absorb moisture. For the application of a flame furnace or electric furnace, it is necessary to preheat to ensure that no moisture remains in the crucible wall. For the first time, the molten copper crucible is preheated to 150-200 degrees and held for one hour without feeding. Since the crucible wall is rapidly oxidized in the temperature range of 315-650 degrees, it can not be preheated in this temperature range and it is not necessary to stay in this temperature range for too long.

2, molten copper Graphite Crucibles preheat, the operator needs to be in the state of non-feeding quickly heated to 850-950 degrees, and insulation for half an hour, and then down to the normal use of temperature, and then feeding. The longer the time is in the temperature range of 315-650, the easier the oxidation of the crucible material, and the oxidation not only shortens the life of the molten copper crucible, but also affects its performance due to the decrease in thermal conductivity.

3, feeding, the copper material along the melting wall of copper Graphite Crucibles vertical slowly joined to prevent the metal impact or squeeze the Graphite Crucibles. The dross removing agent can not be placed in an empty crucible or solid metal and should be added in the proper amount after the metal is completely melted.

4, the daily work is completed, please put the molten copper crucible to red, in order to clean up the inner wall of the metal material, so that too much residue on the Graphite Crucibles thermal conductivity and melt time, even due to thermal expansion caused by bursting.

5, a long time after the power outage or shutdown, to play all the metal liquid inside the tank, so as to avoid the next opening due to expansion caused by Graphite Crucibles damage.

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