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Low Pressure Graphite Crucibles Sealed Structure

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

Low-pressure casting crucibles insulation furnace, the general use of iron in the heat-resistant cast iron or heat-resistant cast steel crucible, aluminum water for a long time in the crucible insulation stay, are inevitably varying degrees of iron phenomenon, so that the impurity content of aluminum, Quality reduction, the use of refractory building insulation furnace, high cost, heating choice is limited. Graphite material or silicon carbide crucible, with no iron, heating method for the electric, gas, fuel can choose, but the seal is more difficult, need to even the whole body of the furnace seal, the process requirements are high, a flaw, affecting production.

In order to solve the shortcomings of traditional technology, graphite crucibles manufacturers to introduce a simple structure, low cost, good sealing performance of low pressure graphite crucibles seal structure.

The low pressure graphite crucibles sealing structure comprises a crucible which is characterized in that two convex struts are arranged in parallel with the crucible on the outer circumference of the crucible, and are fixed on the crucible along the convex ribs on the crucible Ring support retaining ring.

Features: Low-pressure graphite crucibles seal structure using graphite material, through the graphite crucibles along the mosaic cast a cast iron support retaining ring after the cast iron crucible with the same sealing effect, the process is simple, the cost does not increase, effectively solve the iron Crucible iron problem.

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