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Microcomputer Vacuum Drying Oven

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Jun 16, 2016

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: YS-017

  • Specification: CE

  • Delivery: Based on Order Quantity,Commomly Within 30days

  • Trademark: Surecare

  • Origin: China

Product Description

Microcomputer Vacuum Drying Oven

Special Designed for PCBs and ICBs
Lab oven and incubator drying Material
Better after severice and Good quality and Good international market share network. And The aim is to garsp the international market.
It is based on high-temperature drying with the vacuum conditions, a significant reduction in the boiling point and vapor pressure, and heating to experiment with a speed, non-whirlpool, and moderate in the process to build a suitable environment, but also makes solvent steam easy to collect, discharge or re-use. In addition, the storage, heating, and drying in the absence of oxygen or are filled with inert gas to the environment, it is difficult for the experimental samples have oxidation.
1. High heat sensor and in response to environmental scanning micro-processing chips, constitute a high-precision, high-temperature characteristics of intelligent
2. All-round three-dimensional heat, fan forced circulation, high-precision temperature regulation, to ensure that the work of the indoor temperature has a good homogeneity

3. Built-in temperature calibration, and can regulate the temperature of the small error

4. Temperature deviation from the set temperature, the alarm automatically

5, out of control with auto power-off protection heater

6 with the power to restore function to restore the supply when the external power supply, the device automatically according to the original set-up process quick temperature
7with memory function parameters can be set to avoid cumbersome
8 set the timing from 1 minute to 9999 minutes to any set working hours, from time to time when the end of the window set to close
9 set parameters and actual parameters are able to clearly show
10 LED display settings temperature, measured temperature, regular time clearly, each parameter display can be faculative switch
11 Has a modular design of the ceiling temperature tracking, when allowed to deviate from the measured temperature range, the sound equipment (optical) alarm and automatically cut off the heating.

12 automatic cut-off, time is running, calls the restoration, parameter memory, password-protected parameters, the temperature display correction

13, stand-off or to prevent, and stand-alone over-temperature protection, and sensor fault alarm, over-temperature alarm limit

14. The unique geometrical cavity design to ensure clean, active and perfect protection. Sample

15, Mirror stainless steel liner, tempered glass window

16. Work indoor stainless steel electric polishing shelf, put aside frame can be adjusted with the user how height and shelf

17, A very humane touch screen operation

18, In line with European safety standards for the safety of temperature glass window

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