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Plasma Cutting Parts (Powermax900/800/600/200)

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Aug 31, 2016


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Trademark:BP-TECH

  • Specification:According to the **OEM** production standards

  • Origin:Qingdao

Product Description
Hypertherm and THERMAL DYNAMICS Consumables Plasma cutter spare parts and consumables for Hypertherm and THERMAL DYNAMICS. Made in China or original from USA. Competitive price.

Various accessory parts for CO2, MIG, and TIG welding purposes
Contact Tips, Nozzles, Torches, Insulator, Gas Diffusers
Torch Body, Connector Adaptor, Various Cables
Two kinds of materials, standard DHP and CuCr
Almost all accessory parts for various welding purposes
Quality verified home and abroad
Keep inventory of standard parts for prompt shipping
Reasonable prices

Plasma powersupply consumables and spare parts: Plasma nozzle, electrode, shield, swirl ring, retaining cap, cutting torch, cable, water tube etc

Replacements for Plasma Torch.
* Nozzle
* Tip
* etc.
Long usage rate.
 120574Electrode120304Nozzle120305Nozzle120606Nozzle120578Nozzle220330Nozzle120573Electrode120826Nozzle120828Retaining CapPowermax900 / Powermax800 / Powermax600 / Powermax200
120574Electrode120304Nozzle120305Nozzle120606Nozzle120578Nozzle220330Nozzle120573Electrode120826Nozzle120828Retaining Cap
120573Electrode120826Nozzle220330Nozzle120828Retaining Cap
NumRef. NoDescription1120258Electrode, Oxygen, 200Amp1220021Electrode, Oxygen/Air, 40/200Amp1120547Electrode, Oxygen/Air, 100Amp1120667Electrode, Oxygen/Air, 40/200Amp1020415Electrode, Argon/Hydrogen, N2, 100/200Amp2120833Swirl Ring, Oxygen, 200Amp2020604Swirl Ring, Oxygen, 200Amp2020617Swirl Ring, Oxygen, 100Amp2020607Swirl Ring, Air, Argon/Hydrogen, N2, 100/200Amp2020613Swirl Ring, Air, 40Amp2120834Swirl Ring, Oxygen, 200Amp2120252Swirl Ring, Oxygen, 100Amp2020956Swirl Ring, Air, Argon/Hydrogen, N2, 100/200Amp3120259Nozzle, Oxygen, 200Amp3020605Nozzle, Oxygen, 200Amp3020616Nozzle, Oxygen, 100Amp3020608Nozzle, Oxygen, Air, Argon/Hydrogen, N2, 200Amp3020611Nozzle, Air, Argon/Hydrogen, 100Amp3020689Nozzle, Air, 40Amp3020615Nozzle, Gouging, Air, Argon/Hydrogen, 200Amp3020690Nozzle, Oxygen, 100Amp (HT2000)4020423Retaining Cap, 40/100/200Amp4120837Retaining Cap, 40/100/200Amp4020955Retaining Cap, Oxygen, Air, Argon/Hydrogen, N2, 100/200Amp5120260Shield, Oxygen, 200Amp5020424Shield, Oxygen, Air, N2, 200Amp5020448Shield, Oxygen, Air, Argon/Hydrogen, 100Amp5020566Shield, Oxygen, Air, N2, 200Amp5020618Shield, Oxygen, Air, 100Amp


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