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Precautions For Melting Crucibles

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

Crucibles production of raw materials can be summarized as three types: one is crystalline natural graphite, the second is the plastic fire clay, the third is the calcined hard kaolin skeleton clinker.

Crucibles as a smelting appliance, in the metal smelting industry is no stranger, especially its superior application ability, making the crucibles in the metal smelting has a broad application of the market demand.

As a smelting appliance, crucibles, in its particular use, includes the evaporation, concentration or crystallization of the solution and the burning of the solid material. It should be noted that, although the crucibles itself has a strong temperature adaptability, can be directly heated, but can not be quenched after heating, if necessary, the use of crucibles clamp to remove the crucibles rather than the use of technical means to quickly cool. Because it is a direct heating, and the heating of the contents are extremely high temperature metal, the required energy and safety requirements are relatively high specifications, so the crucibles in the heat process, there must be a stable environment to ensure the safety and effectiveness of operations The Under normal circumstances, the use of manufacturers will choose to heat the crucibles on the iron tripod. In addition, in order to make the processing metal solution to obtain the accuracy and quantity to meet the needs of the operation at the same time to maintain a good level, the solution should be evaporated when the evaporation, nearly evaporated when dry waste heat. +

I plant the crucibles is the use of calcined a powder processing, after the calcined material processing products, his high temperature performance better, more wearable material. So our products are the majority of scientific research units laboratory analysis of industry acceptance.

We produce the main products are: crucibles, mortar, porcelain boat, grinding cans, wear-resistant porcelain pieces, ceramic casing, corundum tiles and other specifications. Products are mainly used in chemical, metallurgical, textile, scientific research, electronics, steel and other industries.

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