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Production Technology And Selection Of Graphite Crucibles

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Sep 21, 2017

At present, there are two kinds of domestic graphite crucibles production process: plastic molding production process and compression molding production process. The plastic forming process with clay as the binder has long production cycle, labor intensity is large, the work efficiency is low, the coal is burned and the pollution is big, but the investment is less, and the process is used in the country. The isostatic pressing equipment Clean natural gas sintering, then fundamentally solve the pollution problem, and reduce the production process nearly 10, short cycle, high efficiency.


Under normal circumstances the manufacture of crucible raw materials should be high refractoriness, there must be a strong high temperature coefficient. There are crucible raw materials to have sufficient strength in the smelting process by the impact of high temperature and so on, there will be wear and tear, and thus if the strength of raw materials is not high, it is likely to lead to the use of more crucible crucible, the lack of toughness. While the crucible shrinkage coefficient is small, can accept the rapid changes in temperature and not to deformation and break, as well as in the selection should pay attention to the chemical reaction with the molten metal, and chemical metal high temperature type should be high, not because of burning crucible When the loss occurs. In the melting of metal when the demand for high temperature, crucible selection should ensure that the chemical stability of high temperature to learn. This shows that the crucible in the selection of materials need to pay attention to a lot of use of different materials. For example: smelting aluminum and aluminum alloy to use graphite crucibles.

The extensive use of graphite crucibles also let my company have the goal of continuing efforts, we continue to improve, to provide customers with better products.

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