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Quartz Crucibles Product Performance Can Be Divided Into

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Jun 05, 2017

The performance of the main products: quartz crucibles with its outstanding superiority is not unique with other materials, the unique performance, that is excellent thermal shock resistance, high deformation temperature and softening temperature, very low thermal conductivity, very Low dielectric loss and optical transmittance within the UV spectrum. (Can be divided into thermal and high purity)

(1) thermal performance: the product of its thermal expansion is low, so it has a very good thermal vibration performance. Crystallization is the quartz crucibles at high temperature precipitation of silica crystallization process, crystal growth process is the most taboo physical phenomenon. The company's technological innovation and special manufacturing process will enable users to overcome the crystal growth process in the crystallization phenomenon, thereby increasing the crystal yield and yield.

(2) high purity: quartz crucibles high purity of the physical parameters of the crystal and non-equilibrium minority carrier life greatly affected. The company's crucibles inner transparent process and high purity coating process to ensure that users of high purity crystal growth process needs. All the high standards of cleaning packaging technology and user-free characteristics won the praise of our customers, continuous technological innovation and unique technology has been highly trusted customers.

2, the process features: (1) the use of domestic advanced system of centrifuge centrifuge, with glass vane centrifugal hand molding.

(2) with graphite electrodes, low-voltage high-current arc firing (temperature reached more than 2000 degrees).

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