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The Type Of Clay Crucibles Is Divided Into Three Categories

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Jun 05, 2017

Clay crucibles, is a crystalline natural graphite as the main raw material, plastic refractory clay as a binder, with different types of clinker made with the main application in the smelting of special alloy steel, melting nonferrous metals and alloys of refractory graphite crucible The On the performance of the product, the use of graphite crucible is a component of refractory materials.

The type of clay crucibles can be divided into three categories: the first type of copper crucible, its specifications "No.", the second category for the copper alloy crucible, special round 100, round 100, Three kinds of steel used crucible, there are 100 number.

Clay crucibles size (size), usually expressed in the order number size, No. 1 crucible has a capacity to melt 1000g brass, the weight of 180g. Crucible melting in the melting of different metals or alloys when the amount of melting, crucible can be the capacity of the specification number, multiplied by the corresponding metal and alloy coefficient.

Clay crucibles production of raw materials, can be summarized as three types. One is crystalline natural graphite, the second is the plastic fire-resistant clay, the third is through the calcined hard kaolin skeleton clinker. In recent years, began to use high-temperature synthetic materials, such as: silicon carbide, alumina emery and ferrosilicon and other crucible skeleton clinker. This clinker has a significant effect on improving crucible product quality, enhancing crucible density and mechanical strength.

The introduction of kyanite in the clay crucibles is beneficial to high temperature resistance, anti-glass erosion and thermal shock resistance. The effect of the best introduction of particle size and the best introduction of kyanite in different areas should be studied. And try to explore other additives to improve the performance of the crucible.

The inner surface of the clay crucibles is tried to coat a coating material resistant to glass erosion. The coating material should have excellent high temperature resistance and can form a highly viscous surface after contact with the glass. According to the crucible of different purposes, to develop a special performance of the crucible and composite crucible.

Clay crucibles quality raw material resources less and less. With the glass industry, product updates and technological development, to seek new materials and improve the performance of crucible clay crucibles industry is an urgent need to address the two main issues. One of the ways to solve the problem is to close the horizontal technology cooperation between enterprises and institutions, the second way is to fight in the glass industry or local scientific research departments of the vertical research project project.

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