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The Use Of Graphite Graphite Crucibles

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Jun 14, 2017

For graphite crucibles, this is a kind of material used in metallurgy and many other machinery industries. From the relevant performance aspects, the thermal conductivity is also very strong, in high temperature conditions, is also very stable. Its anti-strain ability is very strong, with so many advantages, then let the graphite crucibles into the market which is also sold in the use of many industries.

With the economic development and advanced technology, into such industries after the gradual progress of the graphite crucibles brought about by economic development. Because the graphite crucibles, the development cost is relatively low, and can replace a lot of other energy, from this point of view, but also can be used as the key to alternative energy sources.

So in these basic economic development effect, the graphite crucibles is also played a significant role. Grasping such technology development and utilization is also a very important aspect, because this resource is also very rich, but also the key to low cost development.

Graphite crucibles are used in many industries. Popular with people like, graphite crucibles high temperature. Is a good tool for chemical industry. How much do you know about the use of graphite tubes? Today, graphite crucibles manufacturers with many years of experience, for you a brief introduction, the use of graphite crucibles need to pay attention to what to write? In order to facilitate your future use.

To avoid the impact of the crucible or fall from the height. Be careful when using, pay attention to the surrounding environment, gently, impact or fall may lead to product damage, so that it can not be used normally. Store the graphite crucibles in a dry place to avoid moisture or water. Moisture may react with the substances placed in the crucible under certain conditions, affecting the properties of the substance, especially in the experiment, which may cause a large deviation from the experimental results, and the moisture will also affect the performance of the crucible. On the waste. Be careful not to direct the flame to the crucible during heating, so you can avoid the black mark on the bottom of the crucible. Crucible to stop using the solid as much as possible, all the waste removed, so you can reduce the corrosion of the crucible, to extend its service life. It should also be noted that the material into the crucible when the action should be light, do not use mechanical force.

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