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What Are The Requirements For Corundum Crucibles Use?

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

The use of alumina corundum crucibles requirements:

1, high purity: Al2O3> 99%, good chemical resistance

2, good temperature resistance, long-term use at 1600 ℃, short 1800 ℃

3, resistance to rapid cooling hot and good, easy to burst

4, grouting molding density is high

Corundum crucibles for a variety of laboratory metal, non-metallic sample analysis and melt use.

After the crucibles to pay special attention

1, after the use of dry place, avoid rain intrusion; use to be baked until the use of 500 degrees Celsius before use.

2, should be based on the crucibles capacity feeding, bogey too tight, so that the metal thermal expansion of the expansion of the crucibles.

3, remove the metal melt, the best scoop out with a spoon, as far as possible with a caliper, if the caliper and other tools should be consistent with the crucibles shape, to avoid the local force is too large and shorten the service life.

Corundum is a gemstone formed by the crystallization of alumina (Al2O3). Mixed with metal chrome corundum bright red, commonly known as ruby; and blue or no color corundum, generally classified as sapphire category.

Corundum ranked No. 9 in the Mohs hardness table. The proportion of 4.00, hexagonal column lattice structure. With a corundum hardness, and a relatively low price relative to diamonds, it has become a good material for sandpaper and grinding tools.

Corundum has glass luster, hardness 9. Specific gravity 3.95-4.10. In the high temperature rich aluminum poor silicon C under the conditions of the formation, mainly with the role of magma, contact metamorphism and regional metamorphism.

Corundum is bauxite as the main raw material by the mining furnace refining artificial materials, do abrasive and refractory materials. Purity is white called white corundum, with a small amount of impurities for the brown called corundum.

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