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What Is The Choice Of Crucible Material?

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

Our factory is specialized in producing various types of crucibles manufacturers, the production of the crucibles produced by the use of isostatic pressing high-pressure molding, high density, high strength, high purity natural materials, graphite, high purity silicon carbide Materials, high-grade smelting, casting customers will be used, also known as energy-saving crucible. Followed by plastic molding aluminum melting crucibles These products are the use of advanced technology and unique formula, special molding equipment from refined. With the plastic molding of aluminum melting crucibles domestic advanced level. Product thermal conductivity is very strong, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation characteristics are also very prominent. Cost-effective, many users will use this and give a high rating. Finally, the plastic molding of copper crucibles. The series of products, is a common clay graphite crucibles. I plant the introduction of advanced technology, the accumulation of years of experience, many reform and development, production of stable performance, anti-oxidation, thermal shock resistance and corrosion are very good quality products.

The choice of crucibles material need to pay attention to what:

Crucibles is used to calcine, and usually very high temperature, so the manufacture of crucibles raw materials should be high refractoriness, there must be a strong high temperature coefficient. There are crucibles raw materials to have sufficient strength in the smelting process by the impact of high temperature and so on, there will be wear and tear, and thus if the strength of raw materials is not high, it is likely to lead to the use of more crucibles, the lack of toughness.

While the crucibles shrinkage coefficient is small, can accept the rapid changes in temperature and not to deformation and break, as well as in the selection should pay attention to the chemical reaction with the molten metal, and chemical metal high temperature type should be high, not because of burning crucibles When the loss occurs. In the melting of metal when the demand for high temperature, crucibles selection should ensure that the chemical stability of high temperature to learn. This shows that the crucibles in the selection of materials need to pay attention to a lot of use of different materials. For example: smelting aluminum and aluminum alloy to use graphite crucibles. Graphite crucibles manufacturer

The correct use of graphite crucibles Description:

Graphite crucibles in the feeding, avoid squeeze too tight, so that the metal thermal expansion of the expansion of the crucible. Graphite crucibles service life and usage, should avoid direct oxidation of the flame directly to the crucible, leaving the crucible raw material oxidation short life. After the use of dry place, avoid rain intrusion; use to be baked until the use of 500 degrees Celsius before use. When taking out the metal melt, it is best to scoop out with a spoon, as far as possible with a caliper, if the calipers and other tools should be consistent with the crucible shape, to avoid the local force is too large and shorten the service life. In addition, here also suggest that everyone, graphite Crucibles is best used continuously, so as to better play its high performance, if the long-term shelved, then it may affect the use of graphite performance. - graphite crucibles manufacturer

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